SUNSCAPE Made-to-order Moroccan Wool Area Rug - Lavender

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Select Size 4’ x 6’

SUNSCAPE is an original OUIVE designs inspired by landscape topography and the romantic warm light of summer - a unique modern take on a traditional Beni Ourain style Moroccan rugHandmade from 100% wool in cool two-toned dusty lavender purple with natural white wool and contrasting black line design. This design, along with a few others, were dreamed up while spending time on the Greek island of Donousa. Inspired by the rolling landscape and spending so much time outside, we wanted to create a design that would capture these summer feelings of long days in golden light, warm breeze and the connection between inside and outside. The idea was to create a way to bring this feeling inside year round especially during the winter months when we often find ourselves drudging through dreary days with summer feeling like a distant memory.⁠

⁠This rug is made to order in whatever size you want - if you don't see a size you need just let us know. Want it in a different color? We can do that too! Just send us an email and we will make it happen.

Want to add a rug pad? Email us to add a rug pad custom cut to perfectly fit your new rug with options suitable for all flooring materials.

- Lead time is approximately 6-8 weeks
- Contemporary / 100% Wool / High Pile
- Approximately 3/4" pile
- Rug measurements do not include flat-woven finishings on top, bottom and sides or tassels. Finishings can add approximately 1" to the overall width and up to 2-3" inches to total length. Please contact us before placing your order if you have any questions on sizing.

*Please note: Each of our custom rugs are made-to-order from small batches of hand-dyed yarn, therefore some slight variations in color and size can occur.

Contemporary Moroccan rugs are new rugs handmade in the same manner as they have been made for hundreds of years. These new contemporary versions can be found in almost any size or color you choose. They can even be custom made to order to a design of your choosing. Unlike vintage rugs which were confined by the size of the personal looms found within the homes of the Amazigh (Berber) women, the newer contemporary rugs are often made outside of the home where women from the village will come to work together on new pieces. This is a great opportunity for women to earn money as well as support the tradition of hand making rugs so that it continues to be passed on through generations.

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Our rugs are handmade in Morocco from 100% wool each taking several weeks to months to create. We partner directly with talented Amazigh (Berber) weavers supplying them with whatever they need and ensure they are paid fairly. This cuts out any reliance on middle-men merchants passing through their villages offering to buy rugs at too low cost to then reselling in the major cities across Morocco. Most of the women we work with weave at home while others work in local collectives with other weavers. It is a beautiful community of sisterhood and shared experience gathered around craft. By purchasing a made-to-order rug from us you are supporting fair pay and keeping the traditions of hand-making rugs alive as a viable way to earn a living for future generations. 

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